How can I help ensure that my affiliates read all the exciting and important SFI announcements?

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Abe Taddesse, Aff (Washington, US) Top Author Forum Guru 3/8/2016 10:42 am
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That’s a difficult task to do since ones it went out of your site, you are not in control
of how ever you have to encourage them and make your message interesting to captivate
Their mind.
As you know the majority of most of or even the majority of affiliates here are not readers
And that is well proven.
I am sometimes very amazed when few affiliates give advice on the long outdated
Information that has been long gone.

SFI created multiple count of
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Warren Horner, Aff (South Africa) Top Author Forum Guru 3/9/2016 7:21 pm
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The answer lies in ensuring and reminding them:

1. To white-list emails from SFI News and TripleClicks News Letters/Announcements.
2. To sign up for the SFI and TipleClicks News Letters/Announcements.

Preferably to a valid and daily operational email address they use.

You could also send them these newsletters as a TeamMail through your genealogy, as and when you receive them to ensure they get these important announcements. Either by copying and pasting them
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, () Top Author Forum Guru 3/5/2016 6:43 am
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The first thing we need to do is make sure we read them ourselves!

I once found myself in the awkward position of having a PSA ask me about something I wasn't even aware of, because I had fallen into a routine which didn't include clicking on the news links at the top of the Alerts page. I had to do some quick research before I could answer him.

Since then, I have read the news daily, and try to include the highlights in my weekly team mail whenever possible, along with a short
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Kay Byers, Aff (Michigan, US) Top Author Forum Guru 3/4/2016 4:58 pm
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You can not ensue that your affiliates do anything.

They have to be interested in the outcome of reading everything.
They have to really want to work SFI.
They have to set aside the time to do the reading.
They may not even be reading your communications.

Start by assuming that they are reading what you send them and they are just not responding. If you want a hint of who is reading your mail, make a mistake in something minor and send a "please excuse
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, () Top Author Forum Guru 3/10/2016 12:53 am
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Once a fresh sign up appears, Sponsors should guide him/her to read all news items and announcements by explaining about their importance in growing the business.

When ever communications are sent to the team members, Sponsors should draw their attention to this one area repeatedly.

Short mails can be sent (when ever necessary) drawing their attention to specific announcement mentioning the title or topic.

This can be followed with a stream message providing the Link
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Jennie Franklin, Aff (Ontario, CA) Top Author Forum Guru 3/5/2016 9:35 am
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Unless an affiliate signs in everyday and/or subscribes to the SFI NEWS they will not notice these announcements. You also cannot guarantee that they will read everything that they see.

What you can do is to ensure that they are aware of them and motivate them to read. One way to do this is by sending them a reminder. Posting a notice in the stream will ALERT them or REMIND them to read the specific announcements.

SFI newsletters with announcements are sent out
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Olufolake Stephen Adams, Aff (Nigeria) Top Author Forum Guru 3/8/2016 10:22 am
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The best way to do this is for you to be aware of the news yourself and walking in it.
Like an adage says, 'Walk The Talk.'
Secondly, what testimonies have you
had when you implicated the news you had e.g The Milestones Shares, The CSA Reward Program etc. Then share it with them.
Thirdly, share the news periodically and the link to each news.
Fourthly, share the essence of reading the SFI news and how it can build their SFI business and then refer them to the SFI News link
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Mike Savage Jr., Aff (Alaska, US) Top Author Forum Guru 3/6/2016 4:32 pm
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As you know to this day we all need active members to gain knowledge and following directions. SFI and TC weekly/monthly Up-date News is shown in the front page when you first log-in your SFI backoffice.

Social Sites
To get faster and more action takers you need social sites to pass on your messages. It takes just a click to liking a page(s) and every post you post, your follower will see your post. Just about every social site you can create a free page or group to post any thing
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Gilbert Mills, Aff (New Zealand) Top Author Forum Guru 3/3/2016 4:44 pm
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How can I help ensure that my affiliates read all the exciting and important SFI announcements?

Let me tell you what I do and give you an example: -

1. I contact ALL my affiliates as a group as best I can.

I contact my whole team with at least one weekly TeamMail and with at least three weekly Stream Posts.

The TeamMail also goes to their private email address that they gave SFI when they joined so there is a chance that they will receive these even if
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Nimo Ponifasio, Aff (New Zealand) Top Author Forum Guru 3/2/2016 9:39 pm
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I believe that what you can do is to bring all the important announcements to their attention and encourage them to read them.

Encourage them to subscribe to the SFI news.

Encourage them to login daily and check their Alert tab at the Affiliate Centre for the announcements.

Message them about any new announcements using Stream and/or Group Mailer. You can also include the announcements in your weekly newsletter.

Talk about ‘Spin & Win’ to