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I'm an ECA wanting to sell my products internationally. How do I determine how much to charge for shipping to other countries that is fair to both me and my customers?

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Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 8/22/2014 2:05 am

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
As a US ECA you can have TripleClicks automatically calculate shipping to ensure you are giving the recipient the best deal possible. Just be sure to get an accurate weight for your item and when possible dimensions of the packaging you will be shipping in.

There is a lot of call for overseas members for items listing free shipping but I have seen countless ECA burned on adding in too little. For one you will have no choice but to increase your price to cover the shipping and that can

How can I ensure that, when I retire, the SFI business I have spent years building continues to grow and provide income for my beneficiaries?

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Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 8/22/2014 2:37 am

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
Teach your loved ones how to operate the business in your absence as they will someday inherit this business when you reach a point where you decide to relax and stop working to enjoy the success you have built.

If the kids or grand kids want a share of what has been built they will need to take part in doing at least the minimum to maintain an active account and productive downline. If the business is big enough they can hire someone to handle correspondence and marketing but keeping

When I am asked by a prospect what my role in SFI is, what should my answer be?

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Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 8/22/2014 2:12 am

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
You are an independent contractor who offers marketing services to SFI and TripleClicks.

That is the legal definition and what you agreed to become by starting your business here. I see too many affiliates who state they work for SFI and that this is their job and that's not true.

You are a business owner. You get paid when the job you do supplies the desired results of your client. SFI offers all private contractors a lucrative opportunity to earn with them but offers you no

What is the best use for the MRP I earn?

7206 votes

Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 8/22/2014 2:20 am

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
I have been using mine to buy individual t-credits for the past few months but now it's time to start looking at Christmas shopping and 5 birthdays in the family in January plus my wife and my 14th wedding anniversary on December 28th.

As such I am now realizing that I traded thousands of valuable MRP for a handful of extra dollars and could potentially have bought a few of those gifts with the MRP I have spent. So now I am focused on saving MRP to get something really nice for the family

How do you maximize the benefits of being a Bronze Team Leader?

7162 votes

Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 8/2/2014 10:02 pm

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
How to maximize the benefits of being a Bronze Team Leader.

Being a BTL means nothing if you have no team to lead or if you don't lead the team you have.

Many will talk about the power of getting 40-60 free Co-Sponsored Affiliates each month and some will talk about opening all 6 streams of income to your business but I want to focus on the biggest benefit which is matching VP.

As a Team Leader you need to know how to generate sales at TripleClicks.


There are many actions in SFI for which you can earn VersaPoints. Which is the action you should recommend to your downline to focus on and why?

7140 votes

Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 4/4/2015 3:01 am

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
For me there are two top VP task to focus on, because of their effect on your earnings and long term success.

By far the largest share of VP earned will come from sponsoring new PSA to SFI, because not only do you make 100 or more VP per month when they achieve EA2 or higher rank, but once you become a Team Leader you will earn matching VP off the actions and sales of all EA2 or higher you have referred, and any in their team, and those on several levels, (up to 12 levels) below you. Every

What are the best ways by which one can measure his/her success in SFI?

7063 votes

Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 8/2/2014 10:27 pm

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
Success to some is different than success to others.

I personally see success in the number of people I can help to do better in their business. It's why I am very active in the forums and always pack my team mail with training, and my stream post with solid business tips.

I am like that on every site I am on so I technically spend more time teaching than I do advertising but when you do that it's called marketing so my business wins anyhow.

I count success in the

Should a person go for the rank of Team Leader if they don't yet have a team?

6995 votes

Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 6/30/2015 7:02 am

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
If they are ready to do what it takes to keep that rank yes.

In the first month of membership it's pretty easy to become a Team Leader, you do the actions of your training program and get started on daily, weekly, and monthly actions and you will make it to EA with no issues. You can then place a standing order and be a Bronze Team Leader or higher.

Come month two however you will have to have a plan for getting the remaining action VersaPoints required to maintain Team Leader

What is the best way to get my new PSAs up to speed with SFI without overwhelming them?

6959 votes

Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 6/30/2015 6:44 am

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
The best method is the SFI method.

SFI has this amazing button that reads START. Clicking that button gives an affiliate a brief over view of what they will learn, where they will learn it, and how long it will take. It leads you to the SFI Basics button and then the Launchpad button.

If they follow the instructions they will learn about the E-365 contest and how to stay above the green line. They will learn about the Fast Track program and how it explodes their earnings potential.

How can I get my TripleClicks Gateways to generate sales?

6942 votes

Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 4/26/2015 3:34 am

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
The PriceBenders gateway is a great landing place if you write a review on the penny auction format on your blog or regularly share the results of at least one WOW Auction from the previous week. Beyond that it is better to promote individual products than to try and market a store as a whole.

Pay attention to how big retail chains like Wal-Mart, Target, Amazon etc.. spend their advertising dollars. When you do a search for one of these giants by name they have the number 1 listing so
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