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What are the best ways to set up proper communications with my new PSAs?

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Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 7/29/2015 4:45 pm

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
I am partial to a 3 prong communications system that my team can duplicate.

Prong 1 - is the most used method of communication in the world today, Facebook Chat. When paired with a dedicated group discussion where you can post Notes: with permanent getting started tips and advanced marketing advice you can get active 24/7 in team support that is tailored to the people you work with.

Prong 2 - is the second most used method of communication which is Skype. With Skype and more

How do I choose a product from TripleClicks that I can be successful in marketing?

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Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 3/11/2014 1:10 am

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
Find something in high demand.

Compare cost and see if the CV makes it a lucrative prospect.

If the product is in demand and priced right with a good CV, great!

If the product is consumable like Veruni Advanced Liquid Nutrition even better.

You will get a lot of narrow minded answers telling you to look to products that would sell to other affiliates to help their businesses. This narrow thought limits you to cheap, low-value items that will not appeal

In what specific ways can individual SFI affiliates help SFI have a BIG year in 2016?

8406 votes

Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 1/7/2016 9:01 am

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
A big 2016 comes in a range of needs that pay each of use very handsomely. But some of those needs will take all of us to achieve as the TripleClicks Brand is not yet a household name here in the United States much less the rest of the world.

By household name I mean when shopping online people think of Amazon, Ebay, Wal-Mart, etc.. because they have seen these brands advertised millions of times. Since none of us affiliates have the resources to do the millions of dollars in advertising

How can we help our team members benefit from the W3 program who are new to using the internet and do want not to use any social media platforms?

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Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 8/19/2015 3:39 am

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
Just about everything you do these days has some social element to it, even blogging unless you turn comments off and if you turn comments off you best have a captive audience or they wont feel like part of the experience.

There are some less social options though.

I mentioned blogging above because Product Bloggers, and gaming bloggers have great opportunities to be a success with Wave 3. In fact you can use Wave 3 to earn endless MRP tobuy items on TripleClicks for resale

How do you plan to promote the new Eager Zebra game, Uber-Picks?

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Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 8/11/2015 1:06 am

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
My blogs are already targeted to Arizona and Local Arizona Cities. I will be adding a sports section to cover Arizona Diamondbacks, Arizona Cardinals, and possible the Phoenix Suns, and will occasionally throw in some college hoops action as well.

By blogging on these leisure subjects you can let the awesome new banners do the work for you of actual recruiting and can rake in the dough also promoting TripleClicks listings using the custom banner maker to promote Sports Apparel, Collectibles

Which is better to do...recruit PRMs or PSAs?

8114 votes

Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 7/27/2015 3:30 am

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
While it is true that you will need both PRM and PSA in your business to see long term success and a business that can sustain itself long after you retire from actively promoting it, I will tell you that starting with PRM is vital to success with PSA.

PSA or Personally Sponsored Affiliates have a track record of only seeing short term results and very few stick around to see the big picture and even fewer see the big picture before they start promoting.

Why not, we live in

How do you explain to team members why VersaPoints appear to reset to zero at the start of each month?

8101 votes

Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 4/16/2015 2:17 am

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
Every month there are contest like VP Rank and Country Rank, and it would be impossible for a new member to rank on these leader boards if they were facing an affiliate who has been generating VP for 17 years and has millions of VP saved up. Since we all start back at Zero each month you are not facing years of investments, you arent facing the person who dumped $10,000 into their business 6 years ago for the rank, you are facing other affiliates who all started with zero VP this month.


How do you explain SFI's role when talking to prospective TripleClicks ECAs?

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Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 8/5/2015 12:02 am

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
Explaining SFI's role with TripleClicks is actually fairly simple but for some who have only done business offline you may need to make a comparison for them.

SFI is an Affiliate program for TripleClicks. It works as a pay per action relationship much like hiring someone for commissioned sales, like Avon representatives, or Amway, Watkins, or even the old door to door Kirby Vacuum Cleaner salesman.

When you pay a minimum of 15% of the sale price to TripleClicks a portion is

How can I make my digital TripleClicks TCards look more professional than just copying and emailing the redemption codes?

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Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 3/10/2014 11:55 pm

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
Include them in a custom graphic you e-mail to the recipient.

You can find royalty free stock images and PLR graphics that would fit well with the free gift you are providing. If you don't have the tools or skills to add the gift card code there are people like me who would gladly create a custom graphic for you in the $5-$10- range.

It's nice to have a variety of graphics so recipients feel unique.

I personally use Adobe Fireworks and a deep catalog of PLR and Licensed

What are the best products to buy at TripleClicks if my objective is to build my SFI business?

7927 votes

Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 8/11/2015 12:55 am

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
Great question and my short answer is invest in long term results early on and remind yourself they will need time to develop.

For those getting started you really do need to have a self hosted Wordpress Blog on your own domain name, so several sellers offer Wordpress Hosting for a year, blog already installed with a free domain name for around $60 a year. That's like all of $5 a month and it's tailored to the demands of active bloggers.

If you are just learning to blog and
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