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How do you get your affiliates to respond to you when you send them messages?

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Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 4/11/2016 11:10 pm

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
Motivating the masses to respond to digital communications is simply not possible.

It's not possible because people are designed to respond to what interest them instead of respond on demand. I personally read dozens of post in the SFI Forums every day and respond to 3-5 post because I simply can't add anything that hasn't already been said to the conversation.

Still there are ways to get your readers interested in responding back.

1. Challenge them: Give them task

What are you doing today (to develop your SFI business) that will matter tomorrow?

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Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 4/11/2016 10:54 pm

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
I never say Amazing Question but this is one of the most dynamic Big Picture questions I have seen.

Planning for progress is something to never put off and should begin each night before the dust settles on today. A Plan for tomorrow gives one something to look forward to while success with the places of today gives one motivation.

Here are some of the things I do that have long term positive effect on my SFI Business.

1. A minimum of 1 new blog post per week will

As a new affiliate, how much should I invest in SFI to start earning money every month?

11509 votes

Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 4/8/2016 12:21 am

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
As much as you can without hurting yourself.

SFI is free to join but the fact is the more you invest of time and money the faster you will see a return on that investment. We have several affiliates who have found that secret and compounded it to build beautiful incomes.

Not only should one invest available pennies, nickles, dimes, quarters, dollars etc.. they should take any earnings for the first 3 years and invest those as well because your investment will grow and you'll

What's the best way to build a profitable SFI business using S-Builder Co-op?

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Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 10/11/2014 3:06 am

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
Patience and time determine your success amplified by the size of your investment.

With S-Builder you get between 3 and 6 new PSA per share every month, starting about 30-45 days after the end of the month in which you ordered. It will provide you long term referrals to attempt to mentor and convert into working PSA and in the good months with a high per share return they can save you money over PSA to Go.

The tough part is there is no minimum with S-builder for production,

How can I use the new feature for adding images in Stream and on the Leadership Page blog to better support my team?

11447 votes

Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 4/9/2016 5:28 pm

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
Attention! The addition of images draws attention.

Education! The right images or surrounding text can educate the affiliate in principals or tactics in marketing.

Motivation! The right images can uplift spirits and give new hope when hope runs thin.

Gratitude! When congratulating someone for a Daily Grand win, making rank, or winning one of your contest you can add their image to the post to make sure everyone has a face to put to the reward and is quicker to comment

How do you promote the new Fast-Track 2.0 program to your team without putting them off?

11424 votes

Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 10/11/2014 3:13 am

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
Ask them if they like earning 10% more money.

That's basically what we are talking about here is the ability to earn 10% more Versa Points for life. All they have to do is be at least an EA2 every month and generate $20 a month in sales VP and they are rewarded with 10% more shares of the TripleClicks Executive Bonus Pool.

The $20 NMP offer is a cheap way to ensure making it to Fast Track Status, or they can go for gold and start their standing order, but for the ones with no

How do I set up a system to organize and track my advertising?

11118 votes

Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 2/10/2014 1:12 am

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
SFI Keycodes will track traffic and conversions for you and I advise using a spreadsheet such as excel or Open Office's Spreadsheet to keep track of what codes you used on what sites. You can even learn to set up data fields to compare different types of advertising such as Paid PPC, Paid Classifieds, Offline, and Online etc.

It's always helpful when using paid advertising to track your return on investment, and, likewise, you don't wish to waste time on free ads that aren't converting.


How can I use SFI's hit tracking to make my promotions more effective?

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Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 2/10/2014 1:17 am

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
1. You can set up the same ad with multiple different landing pages and track which one get's better conversion.

2. You can track multiple ads to the same gateway to see which ads perform better than the others.

3. You can compare traffic sources using the codes and see which sites are sending you ready affiliates and which are delivering low grade traffic.

You can then put the best ad with the highest converting gateway on the best traffic sources and see your referrals

How much time should I allow before I should expect to be producing income from SFI?

9669 votes

Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 11/9/2015 2:34 am

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
The amount of time it takes is directly in relation to the amount of personal sacrifice you make towards your success.

The more time you give will mean greater results faster. The person who works 1 hour a day on their business might take 4 years to see any serious income from SFI where the person putting in 4 hours a day may see results in 1-2 years that are substantial.

There is financial sacrifice as well.

If you don't invest the return could take many years to

How can I get more of my team participating in SFI's quarterly Leadership Challenge?

9478 votes

Andrew Anderson, Aff (Arizona, US) 7/29/2015 4:32 pm

Affiliate since: 04/13/2012, Power Rank: 785
There are 3 steps to accomplish this.

Step 1: Challenge Them - Make sure they know about the leadership challenge, and know your personal goals for the challenge and invite them to do better than you do. People have a competitive nature and knowing your rival makes it personal. They need to see the clear goals and know that others are working to get to the finish line before them.

Step2: Support Them - Start a special advertising co-op that all who commit to taking the
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