How can you get your spouse involved in your SFI business?

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Ufuomaoghene Afekhuai, Aff (Nigeria) Top Author Forum Guru 4/1/2016 11:13 pm
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It is a well known fact that you cannot invite a family member residing in the same household with you to join your team but the law is applicable to your family members residing in a different location or state as it permits team growth faster.

Before our spouse can be actively involved in our SFI business, there must be an avenue or good relationship between you and your spouse. This good relationship breaks all barriers and makes it easier to talk to your spouse about your business.
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Jennie Franklin, Aff (Ontario, CA) Top Author Forum Guru 3/28/2016 3:14 pm
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Your spouse can get involved as a legal partner or by simply helping and supporting.

In either case your spouse can help you build and grow your business, A spouse can contribute time and money making your business stronger and more stabled. Since two hands are better than one your business would grow faster.

With spousal help you can work your business full time and still take a day or two off each week.

Your spouse can help by promoting your business, especially
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Leeanne Martin-Brown, Aff (Australia) Top Author Forum Guru 3/31/2016 12:44 am
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There are two ways to look at this question. It could be that your spouse is reluctant to be involved, or you are trying to work out how best to involve them.

If they are reluctant to be involved it becomes a matter of understanding why. Some people are understandably suspicious of business opportunities on the internet, others are concerned about the reward for effort. If your spouse is suspicious of SFI it becomes a matter of showing that there is no risk. There is no requirement to
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, () Top Author Forum Guru 4/1/2016 12:42 am
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Before thinking of involving the spouse in SFI business, the following factors need to be considered:

1. The level of understanding that prevails between the Partners in Life;

2. Their taste in business;

3. Their family back ground/circumstance;

4. Their current financial status;

5. Overall support they enjoy from other family members;

6. Availability of adequate time;

7. Their choice & priorities in Life;

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Abe Taddesse, Aff (Washington, US) Top Author Forum Guru 3/31/2016 1:11 am
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Having the support of your spouse in the business is a blessing, especially at the beginning
stage of your business when everything is up in the air and you are not producing enough
income yet and your spouse have a doubt either you are able to support the family financially
or not.

Asking this question, you must have a supportive spouse who is interested to give you a hand
and you want to know how to involve him/her.

I will answer it, in plural form
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Nimo Ponifasio, Aff (New Zealand) Top Author Forum Guru 3/27/2016 9:06 pm
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Your spouse is your partner for life. SFI can be yours and your spouses business for life.

We all know that there can be only one SFI account per household. That is the only limitation. There is no restriction on who operates that account or manages the business.

If you are the account holder and you want to involve your spouse in the business how about inviting him/her to be part of the business. No doubt you share many things, interests and do things together. SFI can
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Wayne Crocker, Aff (Missouri, US) Top Author Forum Guru 3/25/2016 10:20 pm
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Building a business with SFI and TripleClicks is an exciting adventure for any person young or old, newbie or experienced. What is even more exciting is when your spouse is backing you 100% and helping in the building of your home business.

When I first started SFI I had a long talk with my spouse and we agreed on a budget of time and money that I could use to get this business in a profit making situation. Of course my spouse was a bit skeptical in the beginning and had warned
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Lawal Sunday Joshua, Aff (Nigeria) Top Author Forum Guru 3/29/2016 2:34 pm
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In a every home I believe division of labour is one very important attribute of what help it grow well. Asking your spouse to join SFI business is more like asking him/her to help out in a n area of the homes need. So if you are asking him/her you need to state

- It will increase in Family Income

Additional income for the family isn't a bad idea, and would definitely improve the standard of living. So it will be wise if not for any purpose, then for the purpose of better living.

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Warren Horner, Aff (South Africa) Top Author Forum Guru 3/24/2016 10:05 pm
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Involving your spouse in your SFI business provides added advantages, while for others the consequences are dire. One key ability is that of adapting many times a day between 'personal' and 'business'. Both working on an SFI business will come with a unique set of challenges but running your business with your spouse creates an entirely different working level.

This can be a successful venture both personally and professionally but must be done correctly by following the below:

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Nafisa Patwa, Aff (Kenya) Top Author Forum Guru 3/24/2016 9:14 pm
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I feel that as the core of this business is having an active team, it is important to use all contacts from your spouse to generate active members therefore my first focus would be to explain to my spouse the importance of generating sign-ups.

Why do I say this? These are some of my reasons.

1. We know that it takes time to generate a sizable amount of income and therefore it is important that you guide your spouse into utilizing his/her "contacts". It will make
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