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What's the best way to build a profitable SFI business using S-Builder Co-op?

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Lawal Sunday Joshua, Aff (Nigeria) 10/15/2014 9:21 am

Affiliate since: 05/06/2013, Power Rank: 99999999
Thanks for asking,

S-Builder is an SFI tool for, international, multi-channel advertising co-op available to all
SFI affiliates, giving you the ability to accelerate your path to success by purchasing shares.

"With S-Builder, you can turn up the heat as hot as you want and propel your business
forward". Everyday new prospect are joining SFI, with the S–Builder you get a shares of the new members.

"No Time? No Experience? No problem!

What are you doing today (to develop your SFI business) that will matter tomorrow?

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Lawal Sunday Joshua, Aff (Nigeria) 4/20/2016 6:54 am

Affiliate since: 05/06/2013, Power Rank: 99999999
Daily I wake up to think of something new I could do to help build my business to the top. And here are things I do.

- Check my to do list. Very important to gather the available Versal Points for the day and week.

- Check my Movers List. I need to know who amongst my affiliates hasn't logged on for the day. I send reminders to them and once a week I send reminders to inactive PSAs too.

- Play my EZ Games. Acquiring MRPs and VPs as well as Tcredit is one thing I do

How are you promoting TripleClicks to prospective ECAs?

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Lawal Sunday Joshua, Aff (Nigeria) 4/20/2016 7:30 am

Affiliate since: 05/06/2013, Power Rank: 99999999
Sincerely, Prospective ECAs that Tripleclicks is been adveritise to have seen different adverts from other companies, flyers, they have received business cards and many more. But it doesn't interest them because they are been faced with unnecessary points and instances.

They now begin to ask questions such as
- "Why should Ibecome an ECA with Tripleclicks?" Because they have different online stores that isn't working.

- " Which of my products do I advertise?"

How can I use the new feature for adding images in Stream and on the Leadership Page blog to better support my team?

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Lawal Sunday Joshua, Aff (Nigeria) 4/3/2016 9:13 am

Affiliate since: 05/06/2013, Power Rank: 99999999
The Stream and the Leadership page has been used in various ways in the past to support the team mates in the past. The additional feature is a Gold Trim added to spice up more expression to whatever the Team Leader is posting. These are the few ways the new feature can be used;

Most affiliates do not have a website of their own and a bit of our training involves pictures. The new tool is a perfect feature team leaders need, upload the training pictures. As most affiliates

What makes a great SFI Squeeze Page?...and what do you consider to be the best SFI bullet points to include to maximize results?

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Lawal Sunday Joshua, Aff (Nigeria) 1/20/2016 3:05 pm

Affiliate since: 05/06/2013, Power Rank: 99999999
For those who doesn't understand what a Squeeze Page is, "A squeeze page is a landing page designed to capture opt-in email addresses from potential subscribers. The goal of a squeeze page is to convince, cajole, or otherwise ”squeeze” a visitor into providing one of their most sought-after and coveted pieces of personal data: the email address."

To make a great Squeeze Page for SFI business you must put in place convincing contents on the page to attract the visitors attention.

As a new affiliate, how much should I invest in SFI to start earning money every month?

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Lawal Sunday Joshua, Aff (Nigeria) 4/3/2016 8:00 am

Affiliate since: 05/06/2013, Power Rank: 99999999
Hello Glory, I see you have just joined SFI and I admire the steps you have taken so far towards building your business. To start earning money every month, truly requires some investment. But I like you to know that the investment would be in two parts, "Time" and "Money". Now I can from my experience tell you how much of both investment is needed.

You would understand that everything in life that must emerge great always grow with much

How do you get your affiliates to respond to you when you send them messages?

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Lawal Sunday Joshua, Aff (Nigeria) 4/20/2016 6:31 am

Affiliate since: 05/06/2013, Power Rank: 99999999
Affiliates most understand that the need for communication is very important when as one continue to grow with SFI. Most times urgent news might be going round, and affiliates needs to respond to allow the Sponsor know they got the message.

So, to allow affiliates respond to messages,

- State it clearly during their first week of Training with SFI, that its very important to stay in communication with Team Leaders/Sponsor. This will build in them the act to respond to the messages.


What are some good ways to get my friends to join my Eager Zebra game league?

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Lawal Sunday Joshua, Aff (Nigeria) 11/6/2015 10:30 am

Affiliate since: 05/06/2013, Power Rank: 99999999
Hello Augustine, thanks for asking the question.

To make friends participate seriously in the Uber Games, you need proves and results. My friends will always ask me "how much am I making from the business and so many other questions"

Though I have not been a great fan of my club, but now they find out am interested in watching and booing with them in the room, and so I got more ideas such as

- Be a Fan
Yes, be a fan. You can't expect them to believe

How can I do an email campaign for SFI that is safe and abides by the Affiliate Agreement rules?

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Lawal Sunday Joshua, Aff (Nigeria) 1/19/2016 5:46 pm

Affiliate since: 05/06/2013, Power Rank: 99999999
There are great ways to develop SFI email campaign, I believe we all will need inspiration to do our jobs better. It doesn't matter whether you're a marketing veteran or a newbie -- we all need examples of outstanding content which I believe have been provided on the SFI marketing page.

Making a an email campaign isn't all that easy except you have had the perfect content to caught the audience you targeting. To have people subscribe to your email campaign you most have what they need

Follow-ups are crucial to success. What in your follow-up emails have you found to be effective in getting results?

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Lawal Sunday Joshua, Aff (Nigeria) 1/20/2016 11:20 pm

Affiliate since: 05/06/2013, Power Rank: 99999999
It would be very important to follow up new affiliates if not compulsory, to ensure they understand the SFI business and have a firm base of how to start growing, this just the right tradition. As many new affiliate though its a get fast riches biz, which we need to really make sure we explain to them before they turn down the business opportunity.

Starting with a good welcome message, our follow up messages must be very encouraging and must state clearly how much we are ready to help