What are some good tips for leading and managing my SFI team--besides sending weekly newsletters?

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Gyanendra Puri, Aff (India) Top Author Forum Guru 3/23/2016 2:26 am
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The greatest tip for leading and managing your SFI team is to become an Awesome Sponsor. Here is the link to it : https://www.sfimg.com/Support/Solution?id=191295&referrer=search

First of all lead by example. Your team will follow whatever you do. Your achievements are displayed by the badges you acquire. If you have a Fast Track badge they will see it and may follow you. If you have a Standing order they will see it and try to have SO for themselves. If you have more products reviews
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Ma leticia Rael, Aff (Philippines) Top Author Forum Guru 3/20/2016 11:41 pm
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In managing your team other than sending weekly newsletters, you may consider the following suggestions:


Our team members need to be informed about the latest news, changes, or additions in SFI’s system, goals and deadlines, so it’s essential that you communicate well with them and inform them about what’s going on in SFI and TripleClicks. Use team mails, stream post, ecards, SFIM chat to encourage feedback and that your team members feel that they
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, () Top Author Forum Guru 3/21/2016 2:19 am
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Communication is key to maintain good rapport and build long term relationship with the Team.

Keeping this in mind, please stay in touch with them regularly by:

1. Posting important links in the Stream & seeking their attention to read it.

2. Sending them appropriate E-Cards;

3. Praise them in the Forum openly when they achieve something remarkable;

4. Create League Games and make them participate. Offer them appropriate gifts when they
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Ufuomaoghene Afekhuai, Aff (Nigeria) Top Author Forum Guru 3/22/2016 3:37 am
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Other tips of leading and managing my SFI team besides sending weekly newsletters are as follows:-

1. Use of stream posts:- Use stream post to communicate with your downline salient points on team building, advertsiement, encouragement and praising them when they have achieved certain goals. This communication cuts across your PSAs and CSAs.

2. Another tip is by using E cards:- With the E-CARDS, you can send messages to your PSAs/CSAs, welcoming them, sending them links of
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Earl Winfrey, Aff (South carolina, US) Top Author Forum Guru 3/16/2016 1:10 am
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One of the most overlooked leadership opportunities is the celebration. Doesn't it feel good when somebody congratulates you for something you either won or earned? It can put a smile on your face because you know that somebody out there is happy for you.

Imagine how good it would feel if you could make your team members smile. When they win something from the Daily Grand drawing, send them an E-Card to congratulate them. When they show up on your movers list, send them a quick message
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Abe Taddesse, Aff (Washington, US) Top Author Forum Guru 3/20/2016 10:23 am
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One thing you can do is leading by example. Sending weekly News letters or Team Mails are just the fraction of several things you need to do to be effective to manage your SFI Team Members.

First be an awesome sponsor Like Gery said and I will add more important to be a great close friend, they will appreciate that when you communicate well and help each other for every need they have as well as yours.

Be a human, means understand their situation and treat or look at it case
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Jenny Bolin, Aff (South carolina, US) Top Author Forum Guru 3/15/2016 10:47 am
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The first tip for leading and managing your team is to set the example that you want your team to follow. Don't expect your team to do something that you haven't done. Actions DO speak louder than words. One glance at your badges will tell your team almost everything that they need to know. They will see your accomplishments and they will see how serious you are about being an affiliate.
The second tip for leading your team is to always be honest with them. Broken trust is hard to
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Mohammed Sunmonu, Aff (Nigeria) Top Author Forum Guru 3/19/2016 3:13 am
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Sending weekly newsletter to ones SFI team is important. This is not the only activity/responsibility of a team leader to the team. Some of them are:

1. Viewing the VP leaders of team members to monitor their progress and draw their attention to any oversight by affiliate;

2. Post motivational items and important notices to the Stream to keep members alive;

3. Create a good communication link with team member via SFI instant messenger, social network, phone etc;

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, () Top Author Forum Guru 3/14/2016 2:28 pm
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Recruiting, building and appropriate leading your team of affiliates is a crucial for success in a SFI business. Just recruiting an affiliate without a persistent work with them, give no results. SFI team, just like any other team, expects from you as their coach, leadership based on knowledge, advices, support, encouragement and persistence. So, tips for leading and managing your down lines should be:

- Lead your team by example. Do what you want from them to do: log in to SFI daily,
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Shankar Chakraborti, Aff (India) Top Author Forum Guru 3/16/2016 6:43 pm
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Some of the good tips for leading and managing my SFI team besides sending weekly newsletters includes
1) Sending Stream Post on weekly basis or as per need announcing new happening in SFI, your own achievements that you are attaining
2) Sending mail through Genealogy and applying filters based on different type of affiliates while sending mail like those who have achieved EA rank, those who are below Red line in 1st 10 days of joining SFI, those who are below 1,500 VP during month closing