How can I learn to be a good Team Leader for my group?

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Thomas Majeski, 20 (Wisconsin, US) Top Author Forum Guru 1/12/2016 11:07 pm
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T- Take the time to get to know your affiliates. Learn about their personal lives, their goals, and who they really are.

E- Explain to your affiliates how the SFI business works. Be sure to note that this isn't a get rich quick program and that they will have to actually put work in to be successful in this business.

A- Apply all of the knowledge that you have gained while learning about your business. Use all of the tools provided by SFI to their full extent.

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Ufuomaoghene Afekhuai, 0 (Nigeria) Top Author Forum Guru 1/12/2016 9:22 pm
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Good day Sonja,

This is a very nice question and i do hope based on my experience, I would be able to assist you in strengthening your team.

As a team leader or good sponsor, we lead by example. Leading by example, is one of the Rules of Success. For instance like having a Standing Order which is t credits that I get 1500 versa points. I let them know that with a minimum of 1500 versa points Standing Order, that they will get 100 versa points as bonus. The badge is usually
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Cristina Ionescu, 0 (Germany) Top Author Forum Guru 1/12/2016 7:54 am
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Yes this might be a big problem for you and your tem if you wouldn't be preocupied to be a god team leader.
Team leaders are the first example for their team, they lead by example, they never ask their affiliates to do what they have never done.
So you gotta do your daily actions, be present in the forum, answer questions in Asc SC, rate answers, learn learn learn so you could teach others, to be present in your community.
Team leaders have to communicate
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Fran Jones, 0 (Georgia, US) Top Author Forum Guru 1/11/2016 9:51 pm
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Hi Sonja,

There are many that join that do not know English very well.
It's important to make sure your team knows that there is a translator at the bottom of every page on SFI and TripleClicks. This way they can pass it on to others that need it.

There are three types of people that sign up on SFI.
1) To see what the SFI website looks like.
2) Are looking for a job and not a business.
3) Want a business and will work to build it.

It's very
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Mar Fajardo, 18 (Ontario, CA) Top Author Forum Guru 1/9/2016 10:52 pm
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A good Team Leader involves listening and communicating with your group providing full support and training and keeping the morale high.

To learn to be a good Team Leader of your group, do the following steps:

- Allocate time for increasing your knowledge.

Start learning SFI BASICS and LAUNCHPAD and make sure you fully comprehend these two important core business principles of SFI to pass them on to your team members, giving them the right foundation in their journey
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Tasneem Saifudin, 11 (Kenya) Top Author Forum Guru 1/10/2016 2:11 pm
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This is a very thought provoking question and this is what I feel.

You will be a good Team Leader if you have:

Conviction - this will give you the motivation and purpose to become a great team leader.
You need to believe without a doubt, that SFI is the vehicle that will propel you to success.

Commitment - you must be committed to the business 110%. Follow the guidelines laid down by SFI to become an awesome sponsor.

Confidence - when your team 'sees'
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Abe Taddesse, 11 (Washington, US) Top Author Forum Guru 1/11/2016 3:48 pm
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That’s a good way to put it how you can learn to be a good team leader, since no one
Born with that title, but some are naturally gifted for that roll and they have to polish
That skill how to translate that roll in to action.
There are two types of people in this category,
1, Leaders
2, workers
Both these roll are very important, even though one seems do both, with the luck of
Trust or not having a faith with others.
Lets see the leaders roll through the
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Gilbert Mills, 20 (New Zealand) Top Author Forum Guru 1/7/2016 7:35 pm
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How can I learn to be a good Team Leader for my group?

I think to some extent you learn as you go. That’s probably the best way to describe what I do. As the leader of my group I am like a coach and mentor to them. But being a SFI team leader is more than that because I am also a working SFI affiliate. So there are two aspects to this.

1. Me, as an active SFI businessperson.

Like any other SFI affiliate I work my SFI business too. So I “lead from the front”.
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Nimo Ponifasio, 15 (New Zealand) Top Author Forum Guru 1/7/2016 10:49 pm
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There are many ways of learning to be a good Team Leader.

The SFI Rules of Success at is a great place to start if you want to be a good Team Leader.

Go and have another read of the rules now and every now and then go back and have another read to refresh and to refocus. The rules are all about being a successful business owner in SFI and I believe that if you want to be successful in SFI you need to become a Team Leader.
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Charles TCHORERET, 0 (Quebec, CA) Top Author Forum Guru 1/11/2016 1:31 pm
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Good question.
1. Lead by example. Demonstrate to your team that what you expect from them you are doing yourself.
2. Have a continuous learner's mindset. Learn as much as you can from the various resources available in SFI.
3. Be a coach, and less of a teacher to your team. Give them a chance to fly by themself.
4. Be reachable via Skype, email, phone. Adopt an "opened door" policy.
5. Make them feel comfortable to reach out to you when an issue comes up.
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