How much time should I allow before I should expect to be producing income from SFI?

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Manohar Lal, 19 (India) Top Author Forum Guru 11/12/2015 5:25 am
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Dear Norman

As per my experience, one generally experiences a loss (small or bigger) in the first year.
Because one is trying to build one’s team of active members by recruiting, sponsoring, purchasing or through ‘Bid & Build’. There is definitely a certain amount of financial loss, and moreover, you are in the process of in and outs of your SFI Business. But one should not quit if he had read the Launch Pad Lesson 11 properly and thoroughly that gives the example of great
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Gliceria Pritchard, 20 (Australia) Top Author Forum Guru 11/11/2015 6:19 pm
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Realistically, you should allow yourself at least 2 or more years to expect to produce significatn income from SFI.

Success is not going to happen overnight or without work.

LaunchPad, Day 11 - Overnight Success - NOT!

A lot of new affiliates ask why they're not earning yet and the person asking has just joined, or been in SFI for only a few weeks, and has not really begun to even understand how the whole SFI system works.

Even after six months or a
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, 0 () Top Author Forum Guru 11/12/2015 5:48 pm
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The "Income Index" provides us with a clear and detailed answer to the question "Where do I learn about earning income with SFI?". It offers a plan, not only for producing income, but also for being an SFI Top earner.

Furthermore, "SFI Basics" describes four important sets of activities that summarize what we need to focus on to successfully build our businesses. When we apply this information, we will start producing income with SFI.

Some of us
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Rana Jahandad Khan, 0 (Texas, US) Top Author Forum Guru 11/12/2015 3:06 am
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According to my understanding if you are following these steps it would not take too long to get there:

1. Maintain at least an EA status with a simple standing order of 125 T-credits, which gives you 1500 VP required.

2. Try to duplicate your efforts as early as possible. Then, ask your PSAs to stay EA and teach them to duplicate themselves. It could be done by using your own referrals, by marketing and influencing others, or by participating in S-builder or by placing a 50
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, 0 () Top Author Forum Guru 11/11/2015 1:46 pm
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This question brings to mind two thoughts:

1. Are you asking when you can expect to receive any income at all from SFI?


2. Are you asking when you can expect to receive substantial income from SFI, like maybe enough to make a new car payment, say $500 per month?

The answer to number one is simple: when you qualify as an Executive Affiliate you also qualify for shares in the month's executive pool--one share for each VersaPoint earned each month you
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Wayne Taylor, 0 (Jamaica) Top Author Forum Guru 11/12/2015 5:39 pm
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With SFI, you start accumulating income as soon you start earning VP!

There are many ways to generate lucrative income through SFI. The sooner you start with these actions, the sooner you will start generating a proper income:

1. Referring customers to Tripleclicks (ie. PRM sales). These can sometimes end up creating generous commissions for you!

2. Referring a business to become an ECA (e-Commerce Associate) with Tripleclicks. Here is a simple statistic: all the
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, 0 () Top Author Forum Guru 11/11/2015 3:44 pm
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Allowing something means letting it happen. You are the one in control of what you allow or don't allow.

Your question makes me want to ask questions of my own:

What were your thoughts ahead of this question? What is your plan if you don't make a specific amount of money in a specific time period? Would you think of quitting SFI if you don't make that amount in that time? Would you extend your original estimated time period and continue working towards a specific income amount
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Maria Rosario Garcia, 0 (Philippines) Top Author Forum Guru 11/9/2015 5:10 am
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This is a great question because everybody else who joined SFI actually joined in for this main reason and that includes ""Me"".

When we joined SFI, we have been provided with all the tools we need to be able to learn and train ourselves to do the business, more than that we have been given team leaders which are our sponsors and co sponsors as well. On top of the forums, launchpads, and affiliate sponsors, we even have access to youtube clips for step by step tutorials.

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Kay Byers, 20 (Michigan, US) Top Author Forum Guru 11/10/2015 2:22 am
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Whoa! What's with the A-L-L-O-W? Allow, and what happens if it doesn't happen? You're going to let time pass, and if enough times passes and you don't see an income, you'll quit? How much income are you looking for? How much time will you allow?

There is nothing in building a SFI/TC business that allows you to wait passively for something to happen.You have to be aggressive in doing your work. Every day. Train. Lead. Duplicate. Advertise. Refer. Sponsor. Without doing these consistently,
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Ayesha Ebrahim, 0 (South Africa) Top Author Forum Guru 11/10/2015 2:34 am
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As many affiliates have already said, it varies.

I have however put in no more effort than communicating with my down line, which has proved mostly inactive and done my to-do list daily, weekly and monthly. I've also participated in the auctions and games and have a standing order for 1500VP.

I started earning three months in and now (after seven months) am earning enough to cover the cost of my standing order. I don't mind because I enjoy working on SFI everyday.

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