For my SFI business budget, on what should I spend the most?

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, () Top Author Forum Guru 4/7/2016 5:16 pm
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Spend most of your SFI budget on what can earn you the most at SFI.

What can earn you the most at SFI is a combination of being at least BTL (Bronze Team Leader) rank and having a large team of active affiliates several generations deep.

Although you can become BTL - and can build and support a large team of active affiliates - at no out-of-pocket cost to you, doing it this way will take you a long time. Speed up how long it will take by spending most of your SFI business budget
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Kay Byers, EA (Michigan, US) Top Author Forum Guru 4/5/2016 9:47 pm
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When thinking about spending money on your SFI business, you must remember that the money spent on items that you are buying as gifts and household use can not be considered as money spent on your SFI business (no matter how much your spouse disagrees). This is transfer buying and no matter that the credit card says it went to SFI, it is still personal expense.

So, looking at your budget, you must determine just how must you dare to put toward building your SFI business. Each month this
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, () Top Author Forum Guru 4/7/2016 2:09 am
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If you read and understand the Ultra Simple Plan ( you will know how to plan your spending and grow in SFI business.

It’s very simple.

1. Become an EA and remain an EA every month (You require 1500 VP to do it);
2. Recruit 5 affiliates as per guidance given in the Plan;
3. Teach your affiliates to do these 3 Steps.

The idea behind these is: Building your Team and helping them to duplicate your actions.

4. To become
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Lawal Sunday Joshua, Aff (Nigeria) Top Author Forum Guru 4/1/2016 5:56 pm
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With the recent developments at the SFI, purchasing only at the Tripleclicks store will not earn you the desired income you hope for. SFI is an affiliate business, which would require you to have active Downline. So the main aim of the budget is to increase income. Now, if am to begin writing my SFI business budget, I will start with

1. Advertising and Marketing
For anyone to grow fast and go far in any online business, you must advertise and market, directly or indirectly. How do
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Gyanendra Puri, Aff (India) Top Author Forum Guru 4/5/2016 12:14 pm
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Depending on your budget you can do the following on priority basis :

1)Buy Standing Order of 125 TCredits. This will qualify you to become Executive Affiliate every month and now you can focus on building your team.

2)Buy PSAs to Go for first 4-6 months. This will immediately build your team. You can then work with the Movers and guide them.

3)Buy S-Builders Co-Op as a Standing Order. This will ensure regular flow of PSAs in your team.

4)Buy items from
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Rosafilipina Burcer, Aff (Philippines) Top Author Forum Guru 4/7/2016 2:39 am
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I suggest you spend most of your SFI business budget purchasing TCredits.


You are like hitting many birds in one stone.

You earn 1,500 VPs purchasing 125 packs TCredits worth $36.25 at the same time earning Executive Affiliate for doing so;

You can use your TCredits for bidding where in you earn 1 VersaPoint per bid at the Pricebender;

You can build your team if you win PSAs or CSAs at the Pricebender Auction;

You can bid and
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Ufuomaoghene Afekhuai, Aff (Nigeria) Top Author Forum Guru 4/6/2016 10:43 pm
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To start up your SFI business and decide a budget, we must have done alot of reading and taken a look at the Tripleclicks store to know what we can order monthly (especially if its a daily or weekly product in order to do transfer buy) and at the same time help in your SFI business. This is killing 2 birds with a stone.

I believe if we do transfer buy, we are going to be working within the household expenses as well as miscellaneous expenses. SFI business will come under miscellaneous
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Francis Tailoka, EA (United Kingdom) Top Author Forum Guru 3/30/2016 5:20 pm
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This is a very interesting question because when one makes an investment, how much he or she gets in return is often what is of outmost importance on his or her mind.
Investment looks at both short and long-term returns.

It is good that you have a budget to invest at SFI and since you already have a standing order, I would suggest that you could spread your expenses to include advertising. In my view, in building a strong SFI team, this what is likely to take up most of your budget
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Peter Bechtold, Aff (California, US) Top Author Forum Guru 3/30/2016 3:54 pm
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Hello and thank you for the opportunity to give you the answer to your question from my perspective, as a one year affiliate that continues to love the excitement of SFI, and hopes to relay that excitement to my Team.

12 months ago, I was like most people that join and was totally oblivious to how to earn, and even if I could earn, so I began to study all I could and "within my budget" began to invest in what is necessary to advance. Now this is not my first rodeo, as I am 66
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, () Top Author Forum Guru 3/30/2016 12:14 pm
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What do you need when you join SFI at first?

You need a team first.- your team is your life line. To get a team you can advertise or you can buy them or buy shares in a co-op.

Just as important is sales. Sales bring in money that you can use to build your team even stronger and once you earn you can stop using your own money to build your business and rather use your earnings.

When you have a team you can use a share of your budget to help your affiliates
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