Recruiting PSAs or ECAs--which will generate the quickest income?

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, () Top Author Forum Guru 12/2/2013 3:39 pm
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I will outright say it without a shadow of a doubt that for purposes of duplication and faster growth of your down line recruiting PSA'S stands a better chance of generating quicker income.

However I can not rule out the fact that there are some Affiliates who have found success with ECA'S as well.

While recruitment of your PSA is great and probably easier one should not ignore the potential of income that your ECA can bring you in residuals for the life of that ECA in SFI.

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, () Top Author Forum Guru 12/3/2013 1:29 pm
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To maximize your level of success at SFI you have to try to recruit both PSAs & ECAs. The potential for income from either is about the same. Remember that even if you successfully recruit a PSA or ECA, you have no guarantee how active either will be, if at all. Even when they are active you still can't be certain just how much income they will actually generate. There are SFI affiliates who sponsor and refer thousands of PSAs and ECAs but make little to no money from them. Some PSAs do little
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Robertson Dsilva, Aff (Singapore) Top Author Forum Guru 12/2/2013 2:31 pm
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Recruiting PSAs with an emphasis on duplication will generate the quickest income. I would however focus on both to enhance my income. A significant number of PSAs are also ECAs and vice versa. Making money is the goal but by recruiting PSAs a quick and steady income can be realized with the power of duplication and residual income.

Quickest income can be earned with PSAs by following these three basic steps:
1. Become an Executive Affiliate (EA) and remain an EA every month.
2. Recruit
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Marina Lazaroska, Aff (Macedonia) Top Author Forum Guru 12/2/2013 2:41 pm
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Hi ,
nice question but it depends of many factors !

First and most important thing is fact that SFI is not program to getting success overnight (read carefully Launchpad/Day11)

Here are few examples :
First : If you recruit 5 ECAs you will receive in start 500 VP and IF that ECAs work successfuly and have a lot of sales you will earn on each sales .That's nice and quick income ! But IF your ECAs don't work successfuly you have earn nothing except that VP for
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Stefan Auerbach, Aff (California, US) Top Author Forum Guru 12/8/2013 6:08 pm
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First of all. Whether you are a PSA or ECA, the goal is not to generate the quickest income.

The goal is to generate revenue of time that becomes profitable and residual. If one makes quick income by rushing into business may work but that usually later backfires as it's misses the boat.

Let's look at how each earn Income.

ECAs earn off a selling there products or services. But it's how the do it and service behind it. You can earn quick income as am ECA but
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Simon Blake, Aff (United Kingdom) Top Author Forum Guru 12/4/2013 4:14 am
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It's not really a case of quick income - anyone can do a quick one time sale and make some money. The key here is redidual and leveraged income over time.

With a PSA, if they work the program properly, making their 1500VP, buying through TC and making sales, you will make money from this. It is not simply a matter of recruiting PSAs, it is recruiting an affiliate and mentoring them to work the program - duplication.

With an ECA, it is not just "recruiting" them, signing
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Brandon Jenkins, Aff (North carolina, US) Top Author Forum Guru 12/3/2013 12:03 am
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This brings up the topic of quality versus quantity once again. Is it better to have ECAs making you x amount of dollars a month, or PSAs earning you x amount of dollars a month. This is something that everybody has to determine for themselves.

Some people don't live in an area, or may just not be able to refer ECAs that can actually sell products. However, somebody may just need to refer 1 ECA to start making a good amount of money. It's easier to get a quality ECA than it is PSA, but
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Kay Byers, Aff (Michigan, US) Top Author Forum Guru 12/2/2013 5:01 pm
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Technically by the book, you can begin to amass some money from new PSAs almost immediately, but you will not take possession of it until the tent of the next month. And by the book, you can likewise begin to amass royalties as soon as your new ECA posts his first product and it is sold, and delivered. This may take as few as 4-5 days. You can get that money immediately or within a few days.

Realistically, neither of these amounts are likely to be a good hefty chunk of change. Instead
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Betabasi Daniel, Aff (Nigeria) Top Author Forum Guru 12/5/2013 1:54 am
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If you are recruiting quality PSAs and quality ECAs, the quality ECAs will generate the quickest income since you earn sales commission on every sales they make. But your success depends mainly on duplication and so I will advise you to spread your tentacles wide by recruiting both PSAs and ECAs.

Sometimes the market might be rough with the ECAs you recruit and they might have low or no sales at a particular period but you can imagine what your PSAs can do for you if you were able
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Ronilo Saguit, Aff (Philippines) Top Author Forum Guru 12/4/2013 10:42 pm
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Quick Income is the one that will prime up your journey here at SFI, becuase if you have been here at SFI and you don't generate income yet, I am sure, some of you are thinking to quit soon. So this question is very relevant not only for those who are not earning income yet and to your affiliates as you help them jumpstart their SFI Business.

Generally, we will generate quicker income from PSA. Simply because:
1. It's the mainstream of our recruitment efforts.
2. Nearly