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How can I become a good team leader in SFI if I have low self-esteem and lack experience?

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Aubrey McKinney, Aff (Alabama, US) 3/14/2016 5:20 pm

Affiliate since: 09/24/2015, Power Rank: 178
I am no psychologist but I have researched self-esteem in my personal improvement over the past several years. Self-esteem normally develops based on experiences in a person’s life; it is basically how you feel about yourself. And there is one good thing about low self-esteem…you can change it! But you have to take the initiative; it takes time and persistence.

You can build up your self-esteem in many different ways. A few thoughts are to forget the past, think and talk with a

How much time should I allow before I should expect to be producing income from SFI?

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Aubrey McKinney, Aff (Alabama, US) 11/4/2015 10:42 pm

Affiliate since: 09/24/2015, Power Rank: 178
This is a very good question and a question I think a lot of affiliates ask themselves. The short answer is, you should expect to produce income as soon as you join.

Realistically, it will depend on you, as to when you start producing income. This question is specific and individual to each SFI affiliate. I believe everyone has to decide what this answer is for themselves. How much do you want to earn? What is your expectation of how long it will take to reach that level? This

What's the best way to get someone interested in becoming an SFI affiliate?

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Aubrey McKinney, Aff (Alabama, US) 3/30/2016 5:51 pm

Affiliate since: 09/24/2015, Power Rank: 178
I think the best way to get someone interested in SFI is to found out which area of the program would appeal to them the most; basically, you need to know your audience. Once you find that out, then concentrate on that area initially. The key is to identify an area of the SFI program that they could get excited about.

In other words, if someone is looking for a second income…guess what, we have that in SFI. As a matter of fact, SFI has multiple income streams! Maybe someone is interested

Does purchasing Website traffic work, to get sales and/or SFI sign-ups?

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Aubrey McKinney, Aff (Alabama, US) 2/14/2016 10:32 pm

Affiliate since: 09/24/2015, Power Rank: 178
This is a question that both new and experienced online marketers are always trying to answer.

Paying for traffic or paid advertising needs to be part of everyone’s marketing tool box. The majority of companies that sell advertising, whether hits or visitors, normally do have a vetting process for the prospects they market to. They are not going to risk their business or livelihood with some “run-of-the-mill” program. They will want to provide a good product so there are return

What would be a good message or letter to send to my PSAs about the new CSA Rewards program?

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Aubrey McKinney, Aff (Alabama, US) 2/13/2016 11:21 pm

Affiliate since: 09/24/2015, Power Rank: 178
Subjectline: Have you heard about the new SFI Program?

HI (PSA First Name),

The new program I am talking about is CSA (Co-Sponsored Affiliate) Rewards! Affiliates can now earn 10, 20, 30 or more new CSAs every month! This is HUGE!

You have probably read the Latest News on it but I wanted to make sure you understood what this means to your SFI business.

You may be asking yourself “Why would I want CSAs?” They can help increase your commissions

For my SFI business budget, on what should I spend the most?

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Aubrey McKinney, Aff (Alabama, US) 3/29/2016 8:37 pm

Affiliate since: 09/24/2015, Power Rank: 178
Knowing what your SFI business budget is, would help to provide a more definitive answer. However, as your question reads, you are just asking on what you should spend the most. But this would also depend on your goal(s) with your SFI business.

If you are wanting to build a big team within SFI, then the front runner to your budget would need to be spending the most on advertising, promoting the opportunity, and/or prospecting. The great thing readily available to you in this area is

What qualities should we look for in our PSAs before sending them an invitation for the Designated Diamonds program? And where do I look?

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Aubrey McKinney, Aff (Alabama, US) 1/4/2016 11:05 pm

Affiliate since: 09/24/2015, Power Rank: 178
I believe there are numerous qualities that should be considered and they are probably relative to our personal perceptions.

The areas that I consider the most important are participation, communication, and the member’s “Why”.

By participation, I mean being a part of most all the aspects of SFI. To name a few: Is the member doing their daily actions, the weekly actions, the monthly actions, and completing as much as they can on the “To-Do” List? Is the member

Can brainstorming help me build my SFI team? If so, how can I employ brainstorming for its benefits?

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Aubrey McKinney, Aff (Alabama, US) 1/14/2016 9:10 pm

Affiliate since: 09/24/2015, Power Rank: 178
Yes I think brainstorming could be a great asset to helping you build your SFI team.

First, I think the term brainstorming needs to be defined so that everyone understands its general meaning. Wikipedia defines it like this: “Brainstorming is a group creativity technique by which efforts are made to find a conclusion for a specific problem by gathering a list of ideas spontaneously contributed by its members.” In short terms, you could probably say it is a form of creative problem

What should I spend my commissions and signing bonus on?

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Aubrey McKinney, Aff (Alabama, US) 3/26/2016 11:44 pm

Affiliate since: 09/24/2015, Power Rank: 178
In the financial world, a lot of people say "Pay yourself first." In SFI, I think that should still be the case.

Each affiliate's financial situation will be different but here is a recommendation to consider.

As you start to earn commissions and/or receive your signing bonus, you should pay for your business expenses first. You may have paid some expenses up front to build your SFI business so any initial earnings should go to pay yourself back.

As your

Since you started your SFI business, how has your focus changed? What do you do differently now?

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Aubrey McKinney, Aff (Alabama, US) 11/29/2015 4:45 pm

Affiliate since: 09/24/2015, Power Rank: 178
Each individual will have their own focus and will advance in this program at their own personal pace. As Affiliates and Team Leaders, we need to be there for all members no matter if they are downline or not. I do not believe there is any right or wrong focus when first starting as long as an Affiliate continues to grow and adjust to changes in their journey to build this business.

When I first started with SFI, my focus was on learning more about the program and concentrating on myself