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If you are not good at approaching people face to face, what are some tips to improve in this area?

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Anja Kreuzer, Aff (Germany) 11/14/2014 6:44 pm

Affiliate since: 04/02/2014, Power Rank: 99999999
When you want to improve your face-to-face conversation you need to ask yourself one thing first - completely honest:

Do you really absolutely feel right now that this is YOUR very own business?

Enthusiasm alone won't do, you also need trust and confidence to be able to feel so. Once you do, it will be easy for you to tell everyone what you are working, tell them details and maybe even get them hooked.

But to get to this point, it's a long way for most.

What should I be doing besides the daily actions on my To Do List to build a thriving SFI business?

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Anja Kreuzer, Aff (Germany) 8/24/2014 3:21 pm

Affiliate since: 04/02/2014, Power Rank: 99999999
The ToDo-list is really helpful in learning the ropes, getting used to daily working and building a good base for your business.
It also enables getting EA status without having invest too much.
The ToDo-list is your starting point as well as your basic actions.

To really earn good money within SFI you need to:
1) apply everything you learn in your daily tasks
2) advertise to get PSAs, PRMs (+ musicians) and ECAs
3) be a good sponsor to your downline
4) learn

What is the best use for the MRP I earn?

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Anja Kreuzer, Aff (Germany) 8/24/2014 3:45 pm

Affiliate since: 04/02/2014, Power Rank: 99999999
Member Reward Points are an affiliates reward for the actions he took directly related to TripleClicks.
Seen as reward, you can use them for whatever you'd like to buy on TC and the shops here.
Like a present for yourself (like reward your efforts with a movie or something you fancy) or for someone dear to you (jewellery, books, giftcards, ...).

You can also use them to forward your business within SFI by easing your budget or get the missing VP to obtain your status.


I keep losing people that were active previously. What do I do?

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Anja Kreuzer, Aff (Germany) 8/14/2014 1:56 am

Affiliate since: 04/02/2014, Power Rank: 99999999
Losing previously active people might have different reasons.

- Private reasons: illness/death in family or close friends, not enough spare time, overworked, accidents, natural disasters, changes in private life (new living place, kids)
<<< Well, not much we can do about this situation. We can just tell them they can come back any time and we still will be there for them with even more advices and experiences they can use for their own growth

- Mentality reasons:

I want to advertise and sell TripleClicks products...but which ones should I choose to promote?

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Anja Kreuzer, Aff (Germany) 8/14/2014 3:06 am

Affiliate since: 04/02/2014, Power Rank: 99999999
To be able to sell products efficiently you first need to know the product yourself. Your own skills in reviewing it, will determine whether you ride on the wave or whether you create new hypes with your reviews.

For ECA products:
You can start with products you yourself are interested in, fully test and review them.
Once your budget rises, try out new products that you can fully test and review again.
An honest review blog or even better an honest review video blog will

How do you explain and promote transfer buying to your team members?

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Anja Kreuzer, Aff (Germany) 9/12/2014 1:39 am

Affiliate since: 04/02/2014, Power Rank: 99999999
For the explanation:
Transfer Buying is to buy your regular and daily products from the store/platform you promote yourself. With this kind of purchases with TripleClicks the worth of each share in the TC executive pool increases, thus allowing you to earn more with each collected VersaPoints.
If the shop to buy these products from is your personally referred ECA you even gain a commission on top of it.
Also, advertising a platform and your shop is easier if you are using it as your

How do you turn affiliates' EMPLOYEE a BUSINESS OWNER mentality?

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Anja Kreuzer, Aff (Germany) 8/14/2014 12:50 am

Affiliate since: 04/02/2014, Power Rank: 99999999
An employee mentality is quite stubborn, it hinders you from taking your own stance in SFI and to make use of all the opportunities.

It is best to tackle this while the affiliate is still new. He/She needs to know that this SFI business will be his own business and that you are just his mentor. Also you yourself need to build up the mentality to be a mentor and not an employer to your downline.

What everyone needs to know:

Ones advices and teachings as a mentor can

Which is better for a fairly new ECA? Limit shipping to my region while my business grows or ship internationally from the start?

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Anja Kreuzer, Aff (Germany) 9/12/2014 1:17 am

Affiliate since: 04/02/2014, Power Rank: 99999999
Hello Tricia.

As fairly new ECA, I think you mean someone that has no prior experience with an own shop?

It is quite hard and a lot to learn for a newcomer with a new shop.
He needs to learn the basic laws and regulations to owning a shop in his country (regulations, accounting, taxes, ...) as well as those for his products like detailed declarations. He also needs to present himself from day zero in the public and enter business / sales exhibitions and much more to do

What's the best answer to give to SFI prospects who ask, how does it work...and what do you do?

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Anja Kreuzer, Aff (Germany) 8/14/2014 1:09 am

Affiliate since: 04/02/2014, Power Rank: 99999999
How does SFI work? Be honest about it:

SFI is a network and marketing business.
Its main goal is to acquire more clients for the E-Commerce platform TripleClicks, be it sellers or buyers, at the same time offering an additional income opportunity by mentoring new affiliates.

Also stress these parts:

While advertising and sponsoring are the core of SFI work, SFI has also a strong Anti-Spam policy and doesn't allow its affiliate

How can I help a PSA become a Team Leader when he or she does not have a credit card?

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Anja Kreuzer, Aff (Germany) 9/26/2014 12:47 pm

Affiliate since: 04/02/2014, Power Rank: 99999999
A creditcard is a reason but not an obstacle.
Normal purchases can be made by other payment kinds, too. Just the standing order is a bit of an exception, but:
Nowadays you can get online prepaid credit cards easily -and they work nearly the same as normal ccs. One just has to make sure to load enough money onto the card before the purchase.

To get the minimun sales VP, he can also advertise for TC.
Teach him how to find products to advertise,
give advice where he can