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How much information do you send your CSA's, or do you let their sponsor take care of them so they are not overwhelmed?

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Scott Laing, Aff (Alberta, CA) 5/14/2013 4:41 pm

Affiliate since: 01/30/2010, Power Rank: 8
I send my CSAs a weekly newsletter, and I make sure they are included on all my stream posts, except for the ones intended for PSAs only.

The information I send is the same for everyone; I would prefer the sponsor do that instead of me, but since I don't know the level at which their sponsor interacts with them, I don't want to leave them out of anything.

And since I do receive commissions on their purchases, I feel they are just as important as my PSAs.

Which is better to do...recruit PRMs or PSAs?

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Scott Laing, Aff (Alberta, CA) 7/25/2015 2:50 pm

Affiliate since: 01/30/2010, Power Rank: 8
There is far less work involved after you have recruited PRMs than recruiting PSAs.

If your PRMs actually like TripleClicks and become involved in all the activities, then you can earn income and Sales VP from their purchases.

Plus, if they play games and happen to win any of them where they receive TCredits, as their 'referrer', you receive some TCredits as well. That used to be with your PSAs, but is now reserved for your PRMs only.

If you can recruit enough

How do you plan to promote the new Eager Zebra game, Uber-Picks?

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Scott Laing, Aff (Alberta, CA) 8/13/2015 5:43 pm

Affiliate since: 01/30/2010, Power Rank: 8
I am going to use a capture page with Uber-Pick banners to encourage people to signup as TripleClicks members through my autoresponder.

Then I will be able to email them every so often to either encourage them to continue playing, use the challenge links in the emails, or continually promote these games to those people on my list who didn't signup to TripleClicks in the first place.

Being able to send information to the same people over a regular period of time should get more

For building my business, what is the most valuable thing to spend my TCredits on?

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Scott Laing, Aff (Alberta, CA) 8/1/2015 10:21 pm

Affiliate since: 01/30/2010, Power Rank: 8
The most valuable thing to spend your TCredits on is anything that earns you Action Versa Points (AVP).

These type of points can be the hardest to come by, especially when you are trying to achieve Team Leader status (BTL to DTL).

By playing Pricebender Auctions, Eager Zebra Games and voting in TripleClicks music contest, you can earn up to 500AVP from the auctions, 200AVP from the games, and 50VP from TC Music contest.

That is up to a maximum of 750 AVP in a month

Since you started your SFI business, how has your focus changed? What do you do differently now?

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Scott Laing, Aff (Alberta, CA) 11/29/2015 2:42 pm

Affiliate since: 01/30/2010, Power Rank: 8
My focus has changed in that I have learned how to market myself to attract signups to SFI. I now use traffic exchanges and other free advertising to get interested people to my autoresponder so that I can send them information continually.

I have also developed my own website that I can use in marketing in Facebook, so that my link doesn't get blocked due to spamming. As well, I have a couple of different Facebook pages that I use to market different segments of TripleClicks. Those

There are many actions in SFI for which you can earn VersaPoints. Which is the action you should recommend to your downline to focus on and why?

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Scott Laing, Aff (Alberta, CA) 3/31/2015 6:19 am

Affiliate since: 01/30/2010, Power Rank: 8
The first action you should focus on is logging in every day and doing the daily, weekly and monthly actions. This awards free Action VP! Up to almost 550 in some months.

By not doing those tasks, you are giving away VP; and if you earn at least 1500VP in a month, you also give away some money.

Logging in every day also promotes a good habit in building your SFI business. Your business can't grow if you don't show up everyday to work at it.

I know you didn't ask

What is the most effective promotion/incentive you have offered your downline to become (or requalify as) an EA?

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Scott Laing, Aff (Alberta, CA) 9/14/2013 10:58 am

Affiliate since: 01/30/2010, Power Rank: 8
I have never had any promotion be effective in getting my downline to requalify as an EA, so therefore, I don't offer those anymore. Most of them never even went to my leadership page to sign up for the contest.

What I do offer is prizes to those in my downline that have the highest VP in a month, regardless of their rank.

I offer a free hat or coffee mug with their TripleClicks advertising link on it. Or $10 - $20 TC Gift Certificates.

Or I offer new PSA's to my

What is the best way to motivate members of my downline to become Team Leaders and not stay EAs?

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Scott Laing, Aff (Alberta, CA) 9/8/2014 4:28 pm

Affiliate since: 01/30/2010, Power Rank: 8
I believe the best way to motivate members of your downline to become Team Leaders is first by rewarding your PSA's who become Team Leaders with Gift Certificates.

You can explain all the benefits of being a Team Leader that SFI provides, which are many and are really great. However, the main reason you would want to become a Team Leader is to increase your income. That's why we are all here.

If one of your PSA's becomes a Team Leader, but has little or no downline at this time,

With the new Team Leader qualification requirement and the new Signing Bonuses, how will this change your business strategies?

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Scott Laing, Aff (Alberta, CA) 12/19/2015 11:45 am

Affiliate since: 01/30/2010, Power Rank: 8
The first thing I am going to do is create a Welcome Video for my new sign ups. People love videos, far more than they like to read. Creating a video to let them know I am a real person doing real network marketing.

It won't be very long, probably less than 1 minute, but I will let them know how to increase their signing bonus through the Fast Track program.

I will also be implementing a weekly or bi weekly video message or blog to my downline. Hopefully the videos will

How do you make SFI not be overwhelming for yourself and team members?

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Scott Laing, Aff (Alberta, CA) 4/1/2013 1:29 pm

Affiliate since: 01/30/2010, Power Rank: 8
For the beginner, keep it as simple as possible.

The first month should be learning the program. Suggest to your affiliates the most important thing to do is make sure they log in everyday. Do the daily tasks on the home page by clicking on each of the tabs, reading the material, and clicking the blue button at the bottom of each page.

Also, there are one time actions on the To Do List tab on their home page that they should complete. Some of them take longer than others